Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) - Alex Thomson


ICM Photography is a cross between art and photography where the camera is moved during a long exposure, typically around 1/10th to a 30th of a second but can be extended further depending on the subject and light.

So to start with, forget everything you've learned about photography, the whole idea is to get an artistic painterly effect moving the camera either up or down, side to side during the long exposure. It may take ten or twenty exposures or even more to get one good image.

The combination of ISO, shutter speed and aperture is important to achieve the blurred effect. Using a variable contrast nd filter for reducing the amount of light entering the camera lens helps to achieve the desired effect. The camera can be hand-held or mounted on a tripod, whichever you are comfortable using.

Once you have your image you will know, you can then manipulate the image using software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, the Nik Collection which is free on Google and other software such as Topaz Studio. It's all about imagination, you don't have to be artistic, just experiment.

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